Fluorinated Chemicals
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Fluorinated Coating Agent
Coating film has an extremely low critical surface tension (9mN/m), preventing flux from intruding on
the printed circuit board surface or inside electromechanical components, prevents sealing resin from
adhering to the terminals of small electronic components, such as film condensers, ceramic condensers,
ceramic filters, preventing a lubricant from diffusing or escaping such as small spindle motor that need high
level of cleanliness.
Fluorinated Mold Release Agent
Our Fluoro-based mold release is very effective for high quality surface finishing product, high
precision product or difficult shape product. Because of its property of ultra-thin film and adhesion well with
metal mold, maximum cleaning environment is achievable; the release time per coating is increased. Thus it
will increase process efficiency with lower cost.
Fluorinated Surfactant
Due to its molecular structure containing perfluoroalkyl group (non-PFOS and non-PFOA), this
product possesses many outstanding attributes not possible for hydrocarbon-based surfactants. It is effective
in improving the humidity of solid surfaces, improving the leveling of liquids, and stabilizing foam within all
kinds of liquid solutions, homogenizing the etching surface and more.
Fluorinated Solvent (HFE)
Fluorinated Solvent is HFE Group which is the excellent cleaning Agent, having no flash point,
low surface tension, low viscosity, zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low in GWP (Global
Warming Potential). Its application is wildly use as cleaning in semiconductor process, Semiconductor
Production m/c, Fluorinated group dirt cleaning, HIC Board Washing/Drying,  Organic EL Display, Optical
Parts, Lens , Crystal Washing/Drying, Solvent for Fluorinated oil, Fluorinated resin, Fluorinated coating agent.