Alumina Polishing Powder
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A, Arundum (Al2O3 > 90%), one special feature of this product is that the toughness (tenacity)
of the abrasive particles has been increased by fusing them with a small percentage of titanium. A is well suited for use on cathode ray tubes and other related glassware, and soft metals, where precision lapping is required.
WA, White alumina abrasive powder (Al2O3 > 96%), is a product with a wide variety of uses, and
typical of the powders used in precision processing. It has hardness next to that of silicon carbide and has potential to be used for high level surface processing. WA has superior quality for use as a material in super finishing precision grindstones, super finishing lapping cloth or paper, and lapping tape for super precision surface finishing. It is also well suited for precision lapping of such materials as metals, quartz crystal and semiconductor having low tensile strength.
PWA (Al2O3 > 99%) is an abrasive powder capable of performing a myriad of function. In addition
to being suitable as lapping agent for silicon, optical material, liquid crystal, stainless and other metals, PWA is also ideal for use as filler material for coatings, as a material for coating lapping cloth or paper, and as a compounding agent combined with metal or synthetic resin.