Polishing Pad (for Lenses, Glass, Metal)
กระดาษขัด แพ็ดขัด เลนส,์ กระจก, โลหะ


Filler polishing pad
CeO2, ZrO2, Fe2O3 PADS are polishing pads manufactured by making special rigid polyurethane
form contain polish in its structure. The faster polishing action and excellent durability of CeO2, ZrO2 and Fe2O3 PADS make them ideal for a high-speed and high-load polishing.
  • Finish-polishing of optical glass, eyeglasses, and other glass products.
  • Surface polishing of metallic goods such as stainless steel goods, plastics, jewelry, quartz, glasses, etc.
  • Speculum polishing of semiconductor wafers made of silicon, germanium, etc.
  • Finish-polishing of razor blades, etc.



PU Polishing pad
PU Polishing pads are developed for various polishing applications such as Silicon wafers,

semiconductor material, hard memory disks, and precision glasses. Abundant product line-ups with various types applying to diversified polishing condition are available to achieve high precision surface finish customers pursue.