Silicon Carbide Polishing Powder
ผงขัด ซิลิกอนคาร์ไบด์


GC, Green silicon carbide, is a very high purity SiC lapping powder. GC is a product with superior
lapping and polishing capabilities, which is not affected by chemical and can spontaneously generate sharp grinding edges through fragmentation. GC is well suited for use as a lapping powder in a wide range of functions, including the precision lapping and dicing of crystal and ferrite, the slice of Si ingot, and the processing of materials ranging from ultra hard metals and edged tools to soft metals such as brass and other copper alloys.
C, Carborundum, Black silicon carbide, although in comparison with GC, C is slightly lower in
purity and hardness, it does have excellent toughness. The unique abrasive character of C makes it possible for superior lapping to be done on a work surface. C is ideal for us as a material of precision lapping polishing clothes and papers and finishing precision grind-stone. In addition, it can also be used for precision lapping of cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stones and glass for photomasks. It is also well suited for the precision honing and dicing process necessary in such product as semiconductor crystal.