Organic Titanate
สารประเภท ออร์แกนิค ไททาเนียม


Cross Linking, Adhesion, Surface Treatment, Catalyst Chemical
Made by Japanese maker, our organic Titanate is consist of Alkoxides, Acylates, Chelates and their
derivatives, which vary widely in their chemical and physical properties as TBP, TPT, TBT, TST, TOT, TAA, TOT, TOG and more. Its application is vary for example,
  • Adhesion Promoter for Ink, paint or tape.
  • Cross-linking agent to improve temperature resistant, chemical resistant and solvent resistant
  • Hardening Accelerator, it significantly reduce the dry time (cure time)
  • Catalyst to polymerize of olefin and Ester.
  • Surface Treatment agents for glass-coating, metal coating, plastic-coating,
By strictly quality control and handling, high-purity of organic Titanate is available for the high yield rate 

and superior production requirement.

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