Highly Functional Material

Functional Ceramics parts

They are engineered and optimized specifically for optics and imaging applications which demand high stiffness, low mass, and thermal stability. Our product are ideally suited for mirrors, focal plane array components, and structural supports used in aerospace and specialized ground-based optical systems. Silicon carbide optical systems are engineered for low mass, low complexity, athermal designs — enhancing optical system performance and reliability.

Special alloy

Lens blocking alloys are used to attach optical lens blanks to surfacing blocks for grinding the required optical prescription into the lens blank. The advantage of using low melting temperature alloys is that they conform to any lens configuration, are easy to use, and recyclable.

Liquid Polybutadiene

We supply liquid polybutadiene (NISSO PB) and its specialty are: (1) It includes at least 85% branched 1,2-vinyl sites in its molecular chain which draw a clear distinction between other liquid polybutadiene, and (2) It has substituents at both terminals of the molecule (Fig. 1). These structural features are attributable to a unique type of living anionic polymerization, and NISSO PB has been used in various industrial applications since manufacturing in 1970. By adding NISSO PB to rubber or resin and carrying out a crosslinking reaction of 1,2-vinyl sites, it is possible to form a 3-dimensional network structure in the resin or rubber. This has the effect of improving resin and rubber elasticity and strength, as well as oil-resistance and water-resistance.

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